TECH: Personalized Ipads at the IMC


Professors, have you ever wished that you had your lesson plans, class presentations, and favorite educational websites all in the palm of your hand?

Introducing SEDTech’s latest addition to the IMC at BU SED: personalized Ipads. With the newest Apple software, the IMC can offer SED professors their own personalized Ipads, equipped with everything you need to prepare for and teach your lesson plans.

Simply visit the IMC to set up your profile on one of our in-house Ipads. You can download your favorite apps, like those that show Powerpoint, Word, and Excel documents, as well your favorite educational apps like “Explain Everything,” and “Musyc.” (More on these apps below!)

While the iPad is shared between various SED professors, your unique Ipad profile makes you feel like you have your own, individual Apple product available in the IMC.

Remember, iPads are easily attached to SED’s classroom projector systems, streamlining everyone’s educational experience.

Stop by the IMC today to set up your own iPad profile!

drew ipad mini

Try out these educational apps for the Ipad:

The “Explain Everything” App:

Developed by the Director of Educational Technology at an independent PK-12 school in NJ, “Explain Everything” has literally EVERYTHING you might need in the classroom, wrapped into one app.

“Explain Everything” features an interactive whiteboard, interactive PDF reader with annotation abilities, the ability to record screencasts of your lecture notes, and easy sharing of your documents between the app and all other programs.

A seasoned math teacher and technology integrator, “Explain Everything” creator Reshan Richards’ dream is to “uncover how emerging technologies can be used to capture and mediate discourse.” The current Director of Educational Technology at an independent PK-12 school in NJ, Richards holds his Ed.M from Harvard University in Learning and Teaching and his B.A. in music from Columbia University. Richards is recognized as a “Distinguished Educator” by Apple.

The “Musyc” App:

While perhaps not directly applicable to SED course content, the “Musyc” app is a beautiful example of how technology can be used to teach.

A fun and easy-to-use app where “touch turns into music,” “Musyc” allows users to tactilely compose their own music. Users are led through a series of artfully simplistic tutorials to teach them how to use the app, enabling them to create music of their own.