Notes/Tips for Using ActivInspire on a Promethean Whiteboard

Promethean is a large vendor of Interactive Whiteboards and sometimes it is not obvious what is required to use those systems.

Do the following to make your computer able to take advantage of the Promethean technology.

1. Install ActivInspire.  ActivInspire is the presentation software designed for use with Promethean IWBs.  It allows for manipulation of objects, polling, presentations, measurement, multiple inputs, etc.

2. Install the ActivDriver for your computer.  The ActivDriver software is what makes your computer recognize and interact with the Promethean ActivBoard when the USB cable is connected.  Without the driver, the touch enabled features of the board cannot be used.


3. When you are connecting the board to your computer

  • Connect the VGA cable for video to project
  • Connect the USB cable for touch enabled functionality
  • Connect the 3.5mm headphone jack for audio.
  • Check the on/off button on the left(when facing the board) to make sure it is green.

4. After you connect you should be able to navigate normal computer applications by touching the board with each touch being registered as a mouse click.

5. If you are using Windows with MS Office, you can use the pen overlay from the Review menu to “write” on documents.  On the mac, there is an overlay mode provided by Promethean ActivInspire.

*** You can download ActivInspire AND the Driver here:

Below is a preview of the menu on the right side of the ActivInspire download page that has links to the driver software.  Choose the right driver for your computer.