The IMC is staffed by undergraduate students from Boston University, as well as graduate students from the School of Education. These are the students you’ll see in and around the IMC.





Chelsea Hammond
Staff Manager

Chelsea is a first year Master’s student studying Education of the Deaf with a concentration in Special Education. She is studying to become a preschool teacher of Deaf children with disabilities. When she’s not at the IMC or in the classroom, Chelsea likes making lists, spending time with friends, and getting sucked into the blackhole that is Buzzfeed.







Tyler Adams

Tyler  is an Advertising major from Southern California. He found his way into SED through his Deaf Studies minor and all the incredible
people and staff throughout the school kept him around. When not at the front desk, Tyler spends his free time playing Ultimate Frisbee and attempting to make Facebook stop playing ads in the middle of videos.




Brian Roach

Brian loves long walks on the beach,  Brian is an undergraduate senior studying Computer Science in the College of Arts and Sciences. In his major, Brian is most interested in Software Engineering, Network Security, and Cryptography. Brian is an avid follower of all things technology, but loves spending time outdoors hiking, biking, running, climbing, and exploring. Brian can especially be of assistance with any macOS or iOS issues you may encounter. Stop by and say hello!






Akari Yoshida

Akari is a junior studying in the School of Education with a concentration of English Education. When she’s not in the IMC she likes to hang out with friends and play with random dogs.






Ahmad Hamdan

Ahmad is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Chemistry on a Pre-Med track and this will be his second year at the IMC. When he’s not at the IMC or in the dungeon of the Sci Eng library, he works as an RA in Warren Estates. In his spare time, he loves making art, working out, exploring Boston, and engaging in shenanigans with his friends.



Kayla Chavier


Kayla Chavier

Kayla is an undergrad studying Modern Foreign Language Education with a concentration in Spanish. She hopes to educate students in high school or middle school about the Spanish language and the various cultures of different Spanish-speaking countries. Kayla has traveled to Spain and the Dominican Republic and hopes to explore many more Spanish-speaking countries in South America. Other than traveling, she loves to rock climb, ski, watch Friends, and drink tea.